Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Qbeak The Danish electric car

The Danish brand ECmove proved that its electric car project, the QBEAK has had advances in its development and the first unit to be tested is already rolling.

Designed to move around the city and facilitate both the movement as parking, one of the most impressive aspects is that, despite its small size (3,000 mm long and 1,750 high, with only 425 kg of weight) can carry up to six people.

With the exception of the driver's seat, all other seats are removable, which gives versatility to create and adapt different configurations, if you need more cargo in the trunk.

The car is very light, this along with a 90 hp engine helps achieve a maximum speed of 120 km / and have a battery life of between 50 to 300 kilometers per charge.

The production of this electric car is scheduled for later this year.

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