Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lamborghini Veneno, another idiocy from Lambo

Lamborghini Veneno
I think that give names of bulls to sports cars is stupid ... or too Spanish

Make only 3 cars of a new version is even more stupid.

But the new rich ignorants are willing to pay millions for the alleged exclusivity!

The Lamborghini Veneno is powered by a version of the 6.5 740cv engine V12 that will take up to a top speed of 354km / h.

Lamborghini will produce only three Veneno's for 3.6 million euros each, and if you were thinking of buying one, you can change your mind, because they were all sold.

If interest, "Veneno" means Poison in English. Let me add that personally I think the car is horrific.
Lamborghini Veneno side view Lamborghini Veneno top view

Lamborghini Veneno rear view

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  1. If you could afford one you might buy it. If you were given it youd drive it for sure. Jelousy is a curse. These cars are a brilliant work of Art and anyone in there right mind would love to own one OMFG.:-).


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