Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

Mercedes retrieves a very original concept, which until now has only been used in prototypes or adaptations absolutely exclusive and never before used in production cars.

This new variant of the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake is spectacular, a coupe that was also a pioneer when it appeared in 2004 and, after his commercial success, he saw other manufacturers follow the idea.

 Inside, this version of the original CLS does not differ in relation to his brother, coupe, and has two comfortable seats.

Still has the same finishes and endless list of safety features typical of Mercedes, including, as standard equipment, the device that detects driver fatigue or the Pre-Safe system of protection for all occupants, a system that activates several safety mechanisms when the accident is imminent. he Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake keeps excellent driving quality and comfort and suspension so appreciated in the coupe.

The new model will be available with two diesel and three petrol engines, all coupled to the seven-speed automatic gearbox "7G-Tronic Plus". Besides these conventional versions are also sold two V8 biturbo prepared by AMG. The first produces an output of 525 hp, while the exclusive version Edition 1 edition has 557 hp.

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