Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elton John Ferrari Testarossa 512 at auction

Ferrari Testarossa 512
Go for auction this week through Coys auction houses based in London, the Ferrari Testarossa 512 of Elton John, and is probably the Ferrari Testarossa 512 with lower mileage in the world, that is still rolling.

The Ferrari Testarossa 512, whose price could reach £ 110,000, was owned by British musician Elton John, for more than three decades, completing it with a total of 1,812 miles before it auctions by Christie in June 2001 along with 27 other cars from his private collection.

In this auction, reached the £ 98,000, and his buyer decided it that is time to recover his investment, putting it back on the market with a fully upgraded maintenance history and a letter of authenticity, confirming that the singer, composer and pianist was the owner.

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