Thursday, November 1, 2012

London Taxis at risk

The iconographic  London taxis  are at risk because of a problem in the new manufacturing model that is forcing to recall hundreds of cars. For now sales were suspended and the financial situation of Manganese Bronze, the company responsible for the production, is increasingly weak.

In question is a problem in the steering of the TX4 model. Manganese Bronze is collecting about 400 cars to correct the error.

This will have a harmful impact on the company's accounts. "Even if you find a technical solution to fix this error, the financial position of the group is confused," said in a statement Manganese Bronze, quoted by ABC.

The company Maganese Bronze, which produces taxis since 2009 in a 'joint venture' with China's Geely Automobile, pointing the blame to another Chinese company, whose name was not revealed by defective components.

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